Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Matters

Well, the baby finches are still small and ugly, but they are taking up more and more of the nest. This is their 5th day of life. At the moment, they cannot imagine life without their siblings, or without their mama to feed them.

Families are important: they are God's design for man. And godly families don't just happen: they are a matter of both grace and obedient, hard work. I ran across a couple good examples of hard-working fathers this Father's Day week. I enjoyed reading this letter to his family from Ray Ortlund, Sr. (Thanks to JH). I was also touched by this story of a godly dad.

As Christians, the most important thing parents pass along to their children is knowledge of God, and an example of following him that will make them desire to follow him, too. And that takes both time and relationship. I found these reflections interesting in that regard.

God has blessed me with an amazing family. I have parents and siblings who love me, a husband who is faithful and my best friend, and wonderful children and children-in-law. Yes, I have worked hard to raise my children, to maintain relationship with my siblings, etc. But if the truth be known, this, too, like so many blessings, is all of grace. I don't deserve it in the least. But I am grateful for it.

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