Monday, June 08, 2009

Death of a hard drive

It is true, Gentle Readers. I am posting from my dear husband's computer, as my hard drive has finally completely bitten the dust. I had backed up most things, sensing a problem. But as I did a complete back-up with my new external hard-drive, it gave up the ghost. I had most everything I thought I needed, except when I realized with horror that I didn't have all my financial program nor me e=-mail (including those hundreds of e-mail addresses. Horrors!

My amazing dh, like a valiant warrior, was able to hook up my cold-in-the-grave drive to his machine, and pull off the financial records and most of my e-mail stuff before it died for good. Unfortunately, it died before I got my shopping receipts and my e-mail addresses.

So, gentle readers, if you have my e-mail address, please send me an e-mail so I can reconnect and get a new contact list going. I am happy to say I haven't cried over this even once, though I currently don't have a printer, and am missing most of my e-mail addresses. At least not yet.

So, good bye old hard drive. May your death pave the way for a bigger, dual core machine...

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