Thursday, April 16, 2009

Softball and beauty

On the left, you will see my young friend, M. I was invited to watch her play softball yesterday, and since the game was near my home, I thought I'd head over to watch. Now, I am not naturally a softball fan. I don't believe I have ever watched a softball game, and I haven't played in one since high school, and even then, it was never willingly. When I did play softball, I tried to place myself in the spot least likely to draw a ball towards me. Not so with M.

M's mom is a good friend of mine. She was a pretty amazing softball player in her day, too. Neither M nor her mom "throw like girls": a skill at which I can only marvel. And M. is an 8th grade home schooler, the youngest of 5 children, who auditioned for and plays catcher for our high school varsity team as its youngest member. She has lots of courage and skill. But even more, she desires to play for God. She is nothing short of an inspiration to me.

So, as I watched yesterday, I saw softball from a whole new viewpoint. I remember this happening when I saw Dave run in a race for the first time, or Tim run at Nationals, or our friend Katie throw the discuss. There is an ease and beauty, a fearlessness and grace in sports when they are done well, that is a wonder to behold. I not only watch M, but in my mind's eye I can see her mom out there, and it gives me a richer understanding of her, too. And today, I went to another softball game. I might even have to catch one over the weekend.

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