Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today my eldest son turns 25. Don't ask me how that happened. As a good friend said today, another 5 years and he'll be 30! Now he can rent a car, for heaven's sake! And I guess that is fitting, since he is married, owns a home, and has finished a Master's degree. I guess he really is an adult...

Where have all those years gone? I remember him as clearly as he was hiking down the mountain path in the above picture as I do in his home in Bloomington. Ben has always had places to go and things to do and great plans and big dreams. And he has enriched all of our lives with them. I have had the privilege of having several nice conversations with my 25-year-old this week, and he is always funny and provocative and full of grand ideas still.

Ben, you are a blessing to us. Have a wonderful birthday, and may God bring many blessings in the year ahead. We love you!

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