Thursday, April 23, 2009

God's perfect timing

Today as I walked in the back yard beneath the blossoms of the apple and pear trees, the air was alive with birds chirping and bees buzzing. It was a lovely reminder that Spring has sprung, and that God's timing is perfect in all things. Winter is over and Spring is here. And Winter was not too long, after all.

Another reminder of God's perfect timing today was a lovely tea I was able to have this morning with a young mom. She is the daughter of dear friends, and I had the privilege of watching her grow up in our church. But what a privilege to see her today: mature in the Lord, an excellent wife and mother, and as sweet-natured as ever. What a treat to spend a little time with her and see the fruit of her parent's love and God's calling in her life! And we talked a bit about blogging. You see, she is also among those who find catharsis in processing their lives through writing for others to read in the blogosphere. You can read her words here, though she is in the middle of a move, and may not write much at the moment! She talks honestly and movingly of the struggles and blessings of following the Lord in a fallen and broken world. And she has adorable children to boot.

And speaking of God's perfect timing, I am off to the oncologist tomorrow to obtain CT-scan results and discuss life. I'd appreciate your prayers.

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