Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A quilting party

Today I had the pleasure of inviting over some dear friends (K. and R. and E. and M.) for a "quilting" party. The real motive was that I had two double-sized quilt tops that needed to be sandwiched and pinned, and I knew that I couldn't physically do it by myself right now. And having help and company is always more fun, anyway! So the Baer women, and two of the Watts women were gracious enough to spend two hours or so crawling around my living room floor, helping me with the quilts (the quilt pictured is for use in my new "office", which used to be the boys' room; the other is a very belated wedding gift for M. and A. G. in Ohio.) And then we enjoyed lunch together. What a sweet fellowship, and what a productive morning!

I must admit that I am just pooped. As I cleaned up after lunch, I knew my comfy chair was calling, and so I am headed there to nap until dinner. Still, what a joy to feel like doing something, then actually planning it and doing it! God is very good to me to allow a measure of energy to be returning, even if I have to nap afterwards. And He has blessed me with the friendship of these four ladies beyond measure.

The silly item of the day must be reported, too. I have never done this before, but as we laid out the first quilt, I realized that I had somehow measured the short-side twice, and had a square back instead of a rectangular one. Having to find this out in front of your friends is rather embarrassing. But then we discovered I had done it on BOTH quilts. Geesh! My dear friends laughed with me, and gave me time to add to the backing fabric, and pretended like it was no big deal. Which it wasn't, of course. But it does prove to me that my poor mind should not be trusted with anything important...


Cindy Marsch said...

Very cool that I get to see photos of K and R! :-)

Renee said...

Beautiful quilt! And just think of all the love that went into it :-)

You are very blessed.


EuroMom said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

Julie said...

I love your colors and artistry. Since Lisa Moved to Gallup I have been quilting too. You can find me and my quilts on FaceBook.

Glad your energy is coming back. Nothing like quilting/creating to feel in the image of the Creator again.

Nikki said...

Looks beautiful -like ALL your quilts. Wish I could have been there to help! :-) Love you.