Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A visit with B & E

It's hard to believe that our long-awaited visit with Ben and Elsa is already over. It was such a joy to see them in their native environs, and to get to "know" them better as a couple.

Here are the other three gathered around the breakfast table. Elsa has made their little townhouse a real home.

Dave had time to help Ben with a few household chores.

We enjoyed some great museums, like the Art Museum in Indianapolis, and below, the home of the first president of Indiana University, which is being restored to its mid-1800's style.

We also visited the Lilly Library on campus at IU, and enjoyed its amazing puzzle collection. Below, Dave and Ben put their minds together on one of the puzzles.

We also enjoyed walking around the beautiful IU campus. We were just a little early to see the magnolias in full bloom, but we enjoyed the daffodils and the small star magnolias. For more of my photos around campus, look here.

Perhaps the best part of the trip, aside from spending time with B & E, was seeing their church and how plugged-in they have become. We really enjoyed attending worship and spending an evening with their fellowship group. We had a wonderful trip!


Christina said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!! I love Indy from the year I lived there! It's my favorite part of visits with family when we can worship together! Did you meet our dear friends the Talcotts?

MagistraCarminum said...

Christina- I met David, which was really fun! Maybe Anna and the rest next time!