Monday, September 03, 2012

Emma's first race

 This morning, after her Daddy won the 5K race at Saguaro National Monument, Emma ran her first race of 25 meters. All morning, according to Emma's Mommy, she had been wanting to run, wanting to cross the finish line mat, and wanting to participate.  Below, when the kid's dash was starting, she imitated the starter, and boy, was she ready to run!
 She quickly left the competition behind!
 And when she finally crossed the finish line mat, she had won the race for the under 5 crew!
Congratulations Emma! And congratulations Tim! And thank yu, Nikki, for recording the event for us all to enjoy.

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Pinon Coffee said...

I LOVE it! Of course Emma won her first race, but how delightful. My congratulations to the runner and her family. :-)