Monday, September 10, 2012

A wild weekend

Last weekend we went camping to Heron Lake in Northern New Mexico, almost at the Colorado border.  Folks think of New Mexico as desert, which is fine by us in New Mexico.  What people forget is that Colorado scenery doesn't just start at the border!
We saw lots of wildlife, including a whole rafter of turkeys (and yes, rafter is the term for a whole bunch of turkeys-- who knew?!)

They are really very ugly birds!

We saw a doe munching in the meadow.  She posed nicely but just when I got my camera out and focused she literally turned tail and ran.

As we hiked, we watched an entire herd of elk take to running across the next hill over- they really kick up a lot of dust when they run!

There were many turkey vultures soaring on the thermals above the lake.

And the fella below-- we think he is a bull snack, but he might have been a rattler, and any reader who can tell, please share!-- was about 8 feet long, but wouldn't stop so I could jump out of the car and get the whole of him.  He was disappearing quickly into the brush at the side of the road.

Also seen but not captured on film were several interesting Western grebes, many red flickers, an osprey diving for fish, many red-tailed hawks, and a road runner. 

One afternoon, we drove the road from Tierra Amarilla to Tres Piedras- a gorgeous road that travels over 10,000 feet and has spectacular views of the Brazos cliffs.  Her's just one shot to whet your appetite:

We enjoyed two beautiful sunsets, and I'll leave you with one of many dozens photos of them.  I'm sure you will see more here, Gentle Reader.  I hope your weekend was as wild as ours!

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