Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Unproductive hyperbole...

I love my hometown.  I love its natural beauty.  I like its geeky people. I like its amazing history, and the things it has contributed to the world.  So I was pretty amazed when my sweet husband brought home this quote:
There is no single institution on earth that undermines the well-being of the world more than the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Northern New Mexico.
 Seems a little bit over-stated, don't you think? I mean, given the institutions this world has seen, to choose this one as the worst in the world is rather breathtaking.  If the USSR under Stalin that killed 20 million of its own people on purpose is not relevant because it no longer exists, how about nominating the Syrian government, or the Sudanese government, with their disregard for their own citizens.  But no, name instead a scientific laboratory that has given the world many major breakthroughs in every kind of science.  And after all, it is right on the top of a web site, so it must be the truth...

I am weary of this sort of over-hyped statement, no matter what the source.  It may be left or right, conservative or liberal. What ever happened to civil discourse and clear, rational thinking? I guess those are relics of a bygone day, and perhaps I am, too.  So ignore this, Gentle Reader, as the deranged ramblings of a bitter old woman.

On Friday, my little home town will be over-run by people who desire to break the law. I keep thinking that there must be something more productive they could do with their time.

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THE MOM said...

You are spot on. As for the upcoming protests against anything nuclear, at least they have an agenda that will try to indoctrinate themselves with more mis-information. Sorry to be out of town and will miss this opportunity.
Stay the course!!