Monday, August 27, 2012

Health update

Some have asked for an update on where things stand with me, so here it goes for those dear Gentle Readers who want to keep up with the saga....
  • The blood work-up from the rhuematologist showed mostly nothing, apart from inflammation, so the default is likely sarcoidosis.
  • I still have active uveitis in the back of both eyes- one of the common places for sarcoidosis to show up.  Steroid shots behind both my eyes (talk about fun...) have bought me a little time but so far not cured it up.  I will be rechecked by the ophthalmologist the second week of September, and currently have an appointment with a uveitis specialist at UNM in ABQ the first week of October.  If the uveitis has not cleared up, we will be looking at systemic treatment of some kind. If it is left unchecked, vision damage will result, so we want to keep on top of it.
  • The result of my CT scan was good: my lungs look excellent, and my pulmonary function tests all went well.  I have one issue that I will follow-up on with my pulmonologist in October, but hopefully it is just a "nothing" to keep an eye on.
  • I see both my primary care doc and my oncologist in the next few weeks.
  • Meanwhile, fatigue is a huge factor for me.  Everything I do feels like swimming through molasses. This is also common with sarcoidosis.  I am not sure how long it will last, or what it will mean to my activity level long term.
  • I have hit some of the lowest emotional points so far for me in the past few weeks (likely related to that fatigue issue), but God continues to pull me out of such pits, and give me hope in Him.
Sarcoidosis is a mysterious disease (like all the auto-immune diseases) and often goes into spontaneous remission.  I covet your prayers that mine would do just that- go away and never return!  But in the meantime, please ask the Lord of heaven for grace to face the road before me without despair, to be hopeful and vigorous in pursuing both health and His calling.  And if His calling for me is suffering for a time, please pray that I would embrace that and bring Him honor in that as well. 

Somehow, when I started down the road of following after Christ, I imagined slaying dragons and breaking apart strongholds. Instead, I am fighting fatigue and trying to muster enough energy to get through my day. Not quite the adventure I was picturing. I need to remind myself that his plan is better for me than those dreams I once dreamed. And I need to embrace His dreams for me, and live them fully.  Will you pray for me to rest in Christ and His plans, Gentle Reader?  Thank you!


ikceb said...

Ah, swimming in molasses! I'm so sorry that all this is going on, dear friend. I am praying for that spontaneous remission and sweet, sweet fellowship with The Great Physician.

Debra H. said...

"Do not grow weary in well-doing.." I totally identify with your comment about expecting to slay dragons etc, and ending up fighting fatigue - so very humdrum. Love and prayers as you stand fast through this continuing trial and beyond.