Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recently completed projects

 I thought I'd share some recent projects that have been completed.  Above, Miss Adeline is in the outfit Elsa and i made for her when they were here last month.  Elsa made the dress and jacket, and i made the bib and did the embroidery.  it was great fun, and looks adorable on Ada!

The blanket below was made made for Baby Looker, who is now enjoying it, I hope!
 The squares below were made for a project at Margaret's Hope Chest.  You can see how some of them turned out here.
 And Dave recently completed a stool for Emma's second birthday.  I helped with the painting.  She loves it!  I also made her a basket of doll clothes and diapers and bibs and quilts, but forgot to take any pictures of those...

So we have gotten a few things done, after all!  :-)

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