Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Things I did today

  • I drove myself to Albuquerque this morning, found my way around two different hospital complexes, and did both successfully.
  • I remembered how good a cinnamon roll and a fresh-squeezed orange juice for the Frontier can be-- especially when you talk to one of your dear daughters-in-law on the phone as you eat
  • I was poked three times to start an IV in a vein, and twice to take a sample from an artery, without lidocain, and without moving my arm or crying. And in the end I was in better shape that the poor technicians who missed my blood vessels.
  • I got lost trying to find parking at the main library downtown, and gave up on it, and went to McDonalds instead. McDonalds has surprisingly good sweet tea, as well as free wifi.
  • I found a Curves and had a good workout in-between my two hospital trips.
  • I remembered how much I take for granted the way my sweet husband carries around all my junk: bags, backpacks, computers, etc. I missed him terribly today, and not just as my pack mule for carrying things. I am so grateful he is at work, keeping our boat afloat, and keeping the world safe for democracy. And I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow evening.
  • I realized that I can walk and talk, or walk and cry, but not all three- I have to sit down if I am going to talk and cry.
  • All day long I have anticipated with joy meeting my youngest son for a late dinner when he passes through Albuquerque for business tonight, and the prospect of squeezing a few more visits in during this trip.
  • And I am looking forward to arriving at my parent's home tonight, thankful that they are near by, and knowing I can drop into bed exhausted, and that they will make me breakfast in the morning. Parents are such a blessing!
  • And all day long, through frustration and discomfort and laughter, I have seen glimpses of how God has gone before me.
God has given me a good day. I hope yours has been good, too, Gentle Reader!

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Cindy Marsch said...

See why I felt awful making a fuss over my own little needle fears?! You're one strong lady!