Saturday, June 09, 2012

Relay for Life

Well Gentle Reader, I am less than a week from my first Relay for Life event, and I am half-way to my fundraising goal.  Dave has exceeded his more modest goal already- and thanks to all of you who have made both of those things happen!

The Relay for Life funds many worthwhile causes, including hospitality houses where out-of-town patients and family can stay during treatment, and many support services for patients, such as wig and post-mastectomy items for women facing breast cancer treatment.  I am excited about helping!

Yesterday I stopped by a Relay booth to sign up for a survivor's dinner prior to the survivor's lap on Friday night.  The woman at the booth grabbed my hand, and said very sincerely, "Congratulations on surviving, and thank you for helping us encourage more survivors!"  It brought tears to my eyes. It really has been quite a year...

If you are interested in helping support this cause, you can donate to my efforts here.

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