Monday, June 11, 2012

Postponing the celebration

Every year for my birthday, Dave asks me what I would like.  For at least the last 15 years, I have answered, "Treat me like the Queen of the Universe for a day-- no cooking, cleaning, or  making my bed; no doing anything that i don't want to do!" That probably tells you a good deal about my selfish heart, Gentle Reader, but try not to think too badly of me! 

Today is the day I was supposed to get my Queen of the Universe treatment- Dave had planned meals, my favorite cake, and delightful surprises, and my parents were coming to take me to lunch.  That is serious queeen treatment!  But Dvae and I, for only the second time in almost 32 years of marriage, both have some kind of virus, and we are miserable.  We have hardly slept since Friday night due to congestion and fever, and now I have a painful cough as things begin to break up.  While I think we have turned the corner and are headed for health, our poor old bodies are still recovering.

So, being the Queen of the Universe that I am, I declared today NOT my birthday at all.  We are postponing the festivities until I can enjoy them properly.  So while I am enjoying the sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes from everyone, I am thinking of them as the prelude to my birthday.  After all, what is the point of getting up to 52 birthdays if you can't postpone one every once-in-a-while?


Jenifer Hanson said...

Bummer, Chris! Let us know when you ARE celebrating and I, for one, will send birthday wishes again that day :) Love you, and Dave! Get well you two!

Juanita Stauffer said...

Good for you and hope you are feeling better soon!

I love the Queen of the Universe idea and I may steal it for my birthday next year!