Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recent quilting projects...

Here are my most recent completed quilted projects. The first is a wall-hanging for a young friend with a newly decorated room I called it "Bright Blossoms".

And the table runner below was a second anniversary gift (the cotton year) for ben an Elsa. It's a bit difficult to see in the photo, but the fabric in the center and on some of the strips is book shelves complete with a violin, music, books, urns, and other "classic" things that fit Ben and Elsa perfectly.

In the wings: three large quilts underway: one needs the quilting and then binding to be finished and it will be ready for the day bed in the office, one needs something like 35 more pineapple squares for a border before it can be finished for my bed, and the last needs 11 more stained glass-style crazy quilt squares completed. The big projects are so time consuming, that it's fun to intersperse them with quicker, more easily completed projects.

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Gus/Adri said...

Beautiful! And your to-be-finished projects are ambitious.