Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Chocolate Sack with friends...

Last night Dave and I broke out of our usual Friday routine of pizza and a movie at home, and headed to Santa Fe. We had a delightful evening with friends, heard some beautiful music, and discovered a wonderful restaurant. What could be better?

Those of you who live locally, you MUST try the Chocolate Maven for dinner. Their chef is amazing: the food was both delicious and beautiful. In the photo above, we are eating a Chocolate Sack: it is a literal chocolate sack filled with cake, mousse, whipped cream and strawberries. The Chocolate Maven has been a Santa Fe standard for a long time, but we didn't realize that last summer they began serving dinner as well as breakfast and bakery items. Check them out!

But even better than the food was the fellowship and the laughter. I hope you all, Gentle Readers, will take time to enjoy friends often durin this new year!

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Cindy Marsch said...

Where's your cup of coffee with a bit of half-and-half?! You can't eat that without coffee! ;-)