Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another geocaching adventure

On New Year's Day, Dave and I headed to Albuquerque. Tim and Nikki were returning from their trip to Canada, and since we had to pick them up, we made a day of it, and spent the afternoon and evening with my parents. We also thought it would be a lovely opportunity to introduce my parents to the joy of geocaching.

When we first told them about geocaching, my mother in particular, thought we were very odd, and thought this was a rather strange thing to do, but after the first find, a movie cache where we left a vhs of X-Men and picked up a DVD of Nacho Libre, they were hooked.

We proceeded to a second cache not far from the first, hidden cleverly from view. Below, Dave uncovers the ammo box that held a myriad of small treasures.

And finally, we headed into the dessert west of my parents' house for a final search. Those of you who are not from New Mexico probably don't know what the dessert area of the West Mesa is famous for, so I'll have to tell you, Gentle Readers: dead bodies. Sad to say, but true, the West Mesa outside of Albuquerque has been home to something like 9 murdered women over the last year or so. It gave beating the bush out there quite a different feeling! But all we found was an attache filled with geocaching memorabilia. It was great fun!

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