Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What tomorrow holds and who hold tomorrow

Well, Gentle Readers, the Lord brought me sweet sleep last night. (Hurray!) And I feel strengthened for my tomorrow. What does my tomorrow hold?

1. Teaching. I love teaching. But tomorrow is the semester final for my worldviews kids. Please pray for them to know the Lord better through the things we study, and for heart differences to occur in them and in me as we study how big our God is.

2. In the afternoon I'll have another try at my horrible, no good, very bad test. As some of you may remember, we have attempted this twice before during November, and the machinery has failed. I am now known as the "Sonogram Jinx", and they gave me the last appointment of the day on purpose... Lets hope that the third time is a charm, and I don't have to do this again for a year. (This test must be done since I am on tamoxifen for my breast cancer, and it puts me at a higher risk for developing uterine cancer.)

3. Lastly, I will head to Santa Fe at 9:00 in the evening to have a sleep test. My primary care doc, in her thorough and careful way, suggested an O2 saturation test last week, which showed I am significantly hypoxic at night. I think this means I stop breathing. The sleep test should tell us why.

Since that test came back, I have been sleeping with oxygen. (I call me oxygen machine "Darth Vader", because he sounds like Darth all night.) This has been a difficult adjustment in some ways. But it has thrown me back on my knees--always a good thing-- and on top of it, the oxygen seems to be helping in very tangible ways: better sleep, less muscle pain, less fatigue. it has been rather amazing. So I remain hopeful that this will be a very positive change for me.

Isn't God good? He take things we fear and dread, and make them the very things that teach us to better trust Him. I am not sure what tomorrow holds, Gentle Reader, but I am certainly glad to know Who holds tomorrow. He bring confidence to face whatever tomorrow brings.

To God belong wisdom and power;
counsel and understanding are his.

What he tears down cannot be rebuilt;
the man he imprisons cannot be released.

If he holds back the waters, there is drought;
if he lets them loose, they devastate the land.

To him belong strength and victory;
both deceived and deceiver are his.

~Job 12: 13-16

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Sheila said...

Praying for you, Chris:). Sheila