Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ben, Elsa, elephants...

Thanksgiving was the first time for us to see Ben and Elsa since last March. Nine whole months is a LONG time! It was delightful. Not only are these two fun to discuss things with because they know lots about lots, but they are both creative souls in lots of ways.

Elsa is always working at things, often quietly, out of the lime light. Whteher it is knitting a lace doilie (as pictured), or quietly slipping the geometry book off the shelf and doing problems "foir fun", she is quietly delightful, and delighted in many things.

Ben used to make things with sculpey clay as a boy. And apparently, he still has a knack for it. Over the holiday, Ben made a chess set for Nikki with elephants on one side and giraffes on the other. Below is a preview of the elephants. They are wonderful! When Nikki sends me a photo of the whole set, I will post more photos.

I am hoping that I get on the list for a chess set one of these days...

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