Thursday, December 17, 2009

A doxological kind of day...

Today was one of those marvelous days when I see very clearly my Lord's gentle, loving care of me. What a lovely thing.

First, I started the day with Christmas celebrations in my two classes. Below you can see my composition and worldviews classes: the few, the brave, the ones who have survived!

Secondly, I dashed up on the hill to meet my sweet friend Em and her fiance, Ryan. It was a joy to meet Ryan, and to see Emily so happy. I have prayed for this husband for Em, and so rejoice to see God's good provision.

After that I had a walk with my walking pal, V. She is my accountability partner, and a dear blessing!

Then, this afternoon I went to my primary care doc to get the results from my sleep study. (And speaking of the sleep study, I discovered that for a valid test one must sleep a total of two hours, and rest a total of 6 hours. That turns out to be about how long one can sleep or rest with 12 electrodes on their heads, two on each eye, both jaws, the throat, chest and abdomen, two down each leg, and stretchy belts around chest and abdomen.) I had been praying that it might be unnecessary for me to have another sleep study, or to have a C-PAP machine. Well, it turns out that God granted that prayer. I have mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, and could likely improve that condition if I can shed some weight. And if the oxygen is helpful to me, then it is sufficient and no further treatment is needed. Isn't God good?!

And now, tired but happy, I am waiting for Tim and Nikki to arrive and spend the weekend with us. It just can't get much better! Why does it always surprise me when God showers me with blessings?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above you heavenly hosts.
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

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Cindy Marsch said...

Hooray! A certain loved one of mine has "events" and has a CPAP machine but cannot use it because of insomnia. It's hard enough for him to get to sleep in the first place--with a contraption? No way!