Saturday, November 07, 2009

The last patient of the day...

I had decided not to blog about my uncomfortable test. But after last week, I simply can't resist.

I hate this test. To be honest, I am hating most tests these days. I think I have reached my test limit, and I just hate all of them as a pretty equal-opportunity test hater. However, I really tried to talk my gynecologist out of having this one. No go. She explained that the risk is too high on the tamoxifen to skip over the hysterosonogram every year- until I'm off the tamoxifen. That just gives me one more reason to dislike being on tamoxifen!

Well, my hysterosonogram was scheduled for two weeks ago. I arrived at the office (where they have a specialist only on Thursdays to do the procedure), and they completed the first part of the test, and wanted to proceed to the second part, when they couldn't get their lighting fixture to work. They changed the bulbs (twice), all the while with me on my back with feet in stirrups, and then determined it would not work, and they needed to order a new piece of equipment. I would have to reschedule the test for the next week. Ugh!

So, last Thursday, I head to the office again. They have their new piece of equipment, and have been using it all day with other lucky victi--er-patients. I get ready again, and they begin the first part of the test, and the whole blooming machine locks up. They reboot (twice), again while I am in an uncomfortable position, and then call and talk to a technician, who has the doctor unplug the machine and let it set for ten minutes. Then, when trying to reboot for the third time, it was still no go. So I had to get dressed and reschedule yet again. This time, the test is not until next month because there is not Thursday available for both the doc and me until December. As I'm leaving, the nurses start cracking jokes with me: "You are the sonogram jinx!" "Do you break other pieces of equipment?" We are all having a good laugh, and I tell the doc we have to stop meeting like this.

Then, as I am rescheduling and checking out, the doc comes up front and says to the scheduler, "Make sure she's the last patient of the day, just in case..."

God must have a reason that I am not supposed to get this test right now. The saga will continue next month...

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