Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sundays with Jean

Yet what Augustine writes is nonetheless true: that all whoa re estranged from the religion of the one God, however admirable they may be regarded on account of their reputation for virtue, not only deserve no reward, but rather punishment, because by the pollution of their hearts they defile God's works...
~J. Calvin, Institutes, III.14.3

In agreement with this idea is the statement of Augustine's: "Our religion distinguishes the just from the unjust not by the law of works but by that of faith, without which what seemed good works are turned into sins." He also beautifully expresses the same thought in another passage when he compares the zeal of such men to a runner off his course. For the more strenuously one runs who is off the path, the farther he gets from his goal, and the more pitiful he therefore becomes. Consequently, Augustine contends that it is better to limp on the path than to run outside it."
~J. Calvin, Institutes, III.14.4

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