Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soul food from Circe

When I began the journey that is classical education, I joined an online e-loop (back in the day when that was really weird) for support and to kick around ideas. I learned more than I can say from the wise ladies and gentlemen on that loop. One of the gentlemen was Andrew Kern. At the time, he had a fledgling classical education ministry in Idaho called the Circe Institute. He taught classes and did teacher's training. He was the one who talked me into reading David Hicks' book, Norms and Nobility for the first time: one of the books that revolutionized my view of education. And he patiently walked with several of us online as we struggled with the strange notions of normative education and what that might look like for a believer.

Since that time, Circe has grown, and has encouraged a whole generation of classical homeschoolers and classical school teachers and administrators. Though now located on the right coast in North Carolina, I believe it still operates out of the home of the Kern family, and is still a labor of love. And they are having an interesting fund-drive right now, that will pay off better than Wall Street.

Donate any amount to Circe right now, and you can receive up to 7 free downloads from their amazing conferences. It is my dream to attend one of these conferences one day, but so far I have had to make do with listening to the recordings. This is a great opportunity to help a wonderful ministry, and educate yourself, too. See for yourself why this whole classical education thing is so important! And just to whet your appetite, the downloadable lectures are:
*A Contemplation of Nature (the nature of man and the nature of education) by Andrew Kern
*Teaching Boys and Other Kids Who Would Rather Be Playing in Forts by Andrew Pudewa
*Understanding and Instilling a Love of Beauty by Debbie Harris
*Assessing Student Performance by Laura Berquist
*Re-educating Oneself as an Adult by Ken Myers
*and also lectures by James Daniels and James Taylor (the professor, not the singer).

So go check out the Circe website. Look at all they have to offer. And make a contribution in exchange for mental food that will make your souls fat.

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Anonymous said...


This is a very kind and generous post. What a blessing to be blessed by people like you!

You and the Classed group have taught me a great deal over the years and I'll never forget the time I spent with you all.

Thank you!