Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Trip 2009: Days 1 & 2

We are home, Gentle Readers, and in the hubbub of all the post-trip things, I am excited to share some photos with you of our trip. We were surrounded by some of the most spectacular beauty imaginable, and I doubt that the photos of rocks I am about to post can really speak to you unless you have seen these sights. Suffice it to say that we were constantly thrown into a spirit of worship as we looked at the marvelous creation of our Creator-God!

On Friday (10-9-09) we met up with Dave's brother and sister-in-law from Kansas, Jon and Rebecca, and spent Friday evening and Saturday in Zion Canyon.

Zion was the first of the great Suthwestern National Parks that I ever visited, and it holds a special place in my heart because of it. Entering the park from the East, you travel through a LONG tunnel (over a mile long) and emerge in a canyon that is nothing short of majestic. The glorious peaks and colors all around are simply inspiring.

The Virgin River cuts through the canyon, and on one one, forms the slot-canyon area known as The Narrows. Unfortunately, the water was much higher this time than the last two times we were here, and made hiking up the canyon impossible without wet suits, so we had to forgo that pleasure.

The deer all over Southern Utah and Northern Arizona are as numerous as rabbits in other places. It was a joy to observe so many of them at all times of the day. it was a bit intimidating, however, driving in the twilight. By God's grace, we did not hit any of the things, though we did see many that had been hit by others!

So, our trip began with great beauty! It continued with amazing sights, which I'll share in future posts.

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