Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Vacation 2009, Days 9-11

On our 9th day, we drove south from Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon and on through Sedona. It is lovely country!

We stopped at Toozigoot National Monument: some lovely Pre-puebloan ruins, before heading back North and East towards Walnut Canyon National Monument, east of Flagstaff.

At Walnut Canyon, the Pre-Puebloans built shelters into the soft sections of limestone cliffs. They simply added walls, and viola! They had shelter from the heat in summer and cold in winter. Ingenius builders!

Of course, according to all the literature, they really don't know why these folks built in such defensive ways, since they were peaceful people. One sign even told us it may have been for the view. I remain skeptical. Why would one climb half-way up a cliff to get home if one didn't have to?

On our 10th day, we were ready to leave beautiful rocks and Indian ruins behind for a while, and we spent a leisurely morning at the hotel, and wandered in the downtown area of Flagstaff in the afternoon (and had a delicious Thai lunch!) The next day, after a stop for church in Holbrook, NM, we headed for home. It was a trip full of praising God for His glorious creation.

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