Monday, March 18, 2013

The joy of friends

 We are currently being blessed with the company of the Dave and Amy Lawrence family on the weekends.  Visiting from maryland and staying with family in ABQ during the week, they join us for worship, fun, and fellowship in the weekends.  This family IS part of our family!
As we attempted to take the lovely family photo above, baby Robert decided to leave a gift on the front stoop instead, and a hasty out-door clean up was called for!

 Below, world-renowned space scientist David J. Lawrence (see Presenter #3 here, or see him quoted in the New York Times here), experiments at the dinner table with napkin rings, and his family follows suit.

 They are a sweet family, and dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  What a treat to spend time with them all! Look for more photographic evidence on Wednesday...

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