Saturday, January 05, 2013

Warm memories

Christmas is over, and my house is eerily quiet after a wonderful couple of weeks of fun and noise and family and friends.  Here are some of the warm memories sustaining me on this cold winter's day:
 We had a lovely day in the Jemez mountains, complete with the first snow-time for the little girls, an outdoor picnic in the sun, and finding and cutting a Christmas tree.
 The cousins continued learning to love one another.
 And speaking of cousins, there were plenty to be had at the gathering of the Hanson clan: all five of Chris' siblings and their families gathered at the Brown's house.
 We played games, had a vicious gingerbread house competition, and laughed a lot.
 We played many games, and my claim to fame was beating everyone at a word game (Quiddler)!  With Ben and Dave and Elsa and Tim, that is no mean feat, and I am keeping the score paper.
 We also started referring to ourselves as the "Plague House" as we passed viruses back and forth, and everyone felt pretty miserable much of the time. Finding couch space and an extra blanket was not easy, and the tea kettle got a real work out. But we still enjoyed being together.
 Pampa was the hands-down favorite-- not a surprise, and both a blessing and curse for Pampa.
 The littles had their first sledding adventure with friends Leah and Ryan Ader and their children.  A great time was had by all.

 We celebrated Ada's upcoming first birthday with her first cupcake: a chocolate owl.
 And we enjoyed good food and friends whenever the illness issues would allow.
 I hope you have plenty of warm memories of your holiday, Gentle Reader.  May God bless this New Year for us all, for his name's sake.

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Ordo-Amoris said...

I had to laugh about you keeping the score tally. Emily has found that whenever she wins anything her brothers conveniently forget. She has taken to keeping the proof too.