Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Projects (Part 2)

 Continuing on the projects completed for or during Christmas...I made a felt activity book for Ada, based on ideas I found here. The Farm page has critters hiding in the barn that are finger puppets.

 There is a weaving page and a lion texture page.
 On the left we have a clever idea: a dryer filled with socks that match the samples below.  They can be velcroed to their mate!  On the right, we have a simple counting page with snap-on shapes.
 And a Mr/Mrs Potatohead
 And lastly a place setting page with a bag of felt food fixings. And Tim mad eme a beautiful shelf with a quilt rack for above my bed.

 While the girls were both here, we made jumpers for the littles.

Other projects not pictured: earrings made by Nikki, cool sawhorses with adjustable height made by Dave for Tim, and ornaments of both the girls with their hand prints on them.  Everything was lovely!


Quotidian Life said...

There's more? Wow! What a lovely, homemade Christmas.

Sheila said...

I love the activity book idea!