Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Projects- Part 1

Several projects were completed by my DH and me for Christmas giving.  Below are a sampling. Watch for Part 2 to see some more!

Every year I make ornaments for my neices and now for my grand daughters.  This year I made felt owls, or as Emma calls them, "Who whos."

Dave completed a child's step stool for Ada, and I helped by painting her name on it.

Emma will soon be going into a "big girl" toddler bed from her crib, so I made a quilt and pillow case for it.

Emma seemed to take to it right away.

Dave built Emma a doll bed which I outfitted with sheets and pillows and a quilt to match Emma's quilt.

Stay tuned to see Ada's activity book and several other projects!


ikceb said...

Love them all! Glad to hear the new meds are working!


Unknown said...

Gave me a big smile. Thanks for shariing. I love your creations for your grand babies and they will always enjoy them.

Quotidian Life said...

What beautiful gifts! I made owl ornaments this year too! I'll get a picture up sometime soon.