Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sabbath Songs

Psalm 42: 6-11

O God, my soul is in despair;
So I remember You
From Jordan's land, from Mizar's hill,
And from Mount Hermon too.
Your waterfalls, like thunder, roar
And deep to deep will call.
Your waves have all rolled over me;
On me Your breakers fall.
The LORD commands His steadfast love
To be with me each day;
By night His song will be with me;
To God, my Life, I'll pray.
I say to God, my only rock,
"O why forget me so?
Why must I grieve at all the harm
Committed by the foe?"
As if to shatter all my bones
My adversaries say,
"O tell us now, where is your God?"
They taunt me all the day.
O why, my soul, do you despair?
Why so discouraged be?
Hope now in God, I'll praise Him still.
My help, my God is He.

(You can hear mP3 recordings and get the sheet music at the above link. This is just beautiful!)

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