Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The most recent crook in my lot (or bend in my path)

Rather than give a full organ recital, Gentle Reader, let me give you a brief update on the most recent health issue.  Yesterday's trip to the retina specialist confirmed that I can't see well, but the reason was a surprise: my eyes have inflammatory cells in them.  This may mean that the sarcoidosis I was diagnosed with (but which was previously asymptomatic) is rearing its ugly head.  Or it may be something different.  But now I need to research that disease, and get on top of these symptoms. The current plan is to get a skin TB test to rule that out, and do some possible corticosteroid shots for my eyes.  But a full work-up with a rheumatologist is also in my future, I think. The good news is that my macula and retina look fine, and this does NOT look like breast cancer most likely would if it was spreading.  Thank God with me for that!

2012 has been a difficult year.  I would appreciate your prayers, Gentle Readers.  And here are some specifics:
  • That we would effectively treat the eye problems without causing further problems (like glaucoma).
  • That we would get a good diagnosis and plan for dealing with whatever this is.
  • That my oncologist, eye specialist, and rheumatologist would be able to look at the whole problem residing in this poor old body, and cooperate on a plan that would bring healing.
  • That I would remember the faithfulness of God and not sink into the Slough of Despond.
  • That God's love and salvation would be so clear before these feeble eyes that even I would see it and have ample cause to rejoice.
In God's providence and grace, I leave today for a few days travel with my dear husband.  We'll see a show tonight (Phantom of the Opera!) and I will have a few relaxing days around the hotel pool, and lovely dinners out with my favorite guy.  God always seems to provide what I need, even when I don't know I'll need it.  I hope He is providing just as well for you today, Gentle Reader.

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Stephanie Failmezger said...

Chirs you are definately in my prayers as always! (I will pray for the things that you ask for help in prayer) Love you!