Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I love few things more than visits with my children and grandchildren.  They are such a huge blessing from God to me!  These cuties are arriving some time tonight, and I have been doing nothing but smile since yesterday.  I can hardly wait! They are cute, and smart, and wonderful, but more than that, they are mine, and being with them completes my family and fills my mama's heart somehow.

And it occurs to me that God, the Lord of all the universe, anticipates my being with Him like I anticipate time with my children.  He looks forward to it, and longs for it.  He sacrifices for it, and prepares for it.  Not because I'm cute, or smart, or holy, or good.  Just because I'm His. And He has decided to love me. Now that is amazing.

May we all, Gentle Readers, anticipate not just family time on this earth, but the glorious family time that awaits us in heaven, where every tear will be dried, and no one will be missing who belongs. That is truly something to anticipate with joy!

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