Saturday, April 21, 2012


Things accomplished today:
  • Had a lovely left-over breakfast of yesterday's omlet (green salsa, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado)
  • Planted flowers outside into four different beds, and fertilized all the green growing things outside.
  • Completed my lymphatic opening exercises.
  • Walked for about 50 minutes down a canyon and back.
  • Had a lovely left-over lunch of cresent lasagna, celery, apples, and some apple-fritters for dessert.
  • Planted and arranged pots for outside the front door.
  • Made camping reservations in Zion National Park for next September.
Things yet to be accomplished today:
  • Unwrap my arm, shower, do MLD, and rewrap my arm.
  • Have a lovely left-over dinner of potato soup and popcorn.
  • Practice music for tomorrow- my first time helping with worship since last January, though I will only sing, NOT play the guitar.
  • Prepare food for our monthly Koinonia Dinner at church- a macaroni casserole and some kind of strawberry trifle, I think.  And maybe a salad.
  • Try to read the current chapter of my Sunday school book.
  • Fall exhausted but happy into my comfy chair, and fall asleep to something like a rerun of Psych.

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