Friday, April 27, 2012


When I am discouraged, I go to this little box.  It is chock full of the cards, letter, and notes I've received since my surgery in January. When the day looks bleak, I pull out a few at random as tangible reminders of those who love me and are praying for me, and I don't feel quite so glum.

After I posted about how to be a friend to those who have cancer, I received e-mails, comments, and calls from several of my dearest friends.  They were all apologizing for being terrible failures at being my friends after they read that post. I hadn't anticipated that response at all!  And what's more, they have all been wonderful, caring friends to me. Now, if the Holy Spirit pricked your heart as you read my words, I would not want to discourage you from heeding His voice. But let me say this for the record: some of my "learning" that went into that list did come from thoughtless people.  But even more of those points came to me by observing the loving care my family and friends offered me. It has humbled and blessed me, and I am grateful.

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Jenifer Hanson said...

Funny how people read unintended slights or criticisms into what we write. However, that is partly the nature of blogging isn't it? It is so personal and immediate to our experience, that it is no wonder those who read it feel that too! When I read that post, I felt guilty, too, but I told myself that wasn't your intent. I'm glad I was correct!