Monday, April 05, 2010

An Easter excursion (excluding eggs)

On Sunday afternoon, we met up to do some geocaching with our friends, Holly4. The first cache of the day was a puzzle: we had to walk a fit trail, finding clues on each fitness station. While we were at it, we did the exercises. Here I am, strengthening my arms in a beautiful setting.

Here is Momma H. doing a little T'ai Chi.

And here are the Holly guys, ciphering out our first cache site with the clues we gathered.

All-in-all, we found 6 caches, and went to some beautiful scenery in far-eastern Los Alamos county. Look at the view from the spot where Dave and Momma H. are finding a cache below!

We also hiked out along the old Main Hill Road, which overlooks the new road and the valley. it is a lovely spot!

I never grow tired of living in this amazing place. The scenery is simply spectacular. What a wonderful Resurrection Day afternoon, enjoying friends and God's beautiful creation together!

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Mesa Mike said...

Heh. Since I am the owner of record for that Mesa Fitness Trail puzzle geocache, I guess I oughtta go and actually do it myself one of these days. I don't even know where the cache is located. That's 'cuz I adopted it from from a family that has left the area...