Tuesday, October 25, 2016

France&Fez Day 6, J.'s Marseille

On a rainy October 1 morning, we stuck rather close to home, and made forays out into J.'s neighborhood of Marseille between showers.  We walked through a couple of her lovely neighborhood parks, then went grocery shopping (and were introduced to all the glories of Carrefour!) and toured her local shopping mall.

In the afternoon we headed down a narrow lane to the Parc Borely.  What a magnificent home this was, with fabulous grounds planted with trees from all over the world.  We sat in a cafe beside the pond there, and walked through the various corners of the lovely grounds, and even spotted a green parakeet in the wild.

As the afternoon wore into evening, we wandered closer to the shore of the Mediterranean, crossed the Corniche (scenic sea-side road) and wandered the plages (beaches) until the sun had set gloriously over the sea to the west.  Then, with beauty to feed our souls and imagination for years to come, we drug ourselves home, exhausted again, and having put in some 30,000 steps!

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