Monday, October 31, 2016

France&Fez Day 10, Back to France

 On Wednesday, Oct. 5, we enjoyed a quiet couple of morning hours in our lovely dar. (A dar is a large home, not as big as a riad. A riad must have a courtyard including a garden and doors on two different streets. Our Dar El Oudeghiri had only one massive door, and the courtyard was enclosed.) We breakfasted on the roof, reorganized in the room, read in the lovely sitting room, and then went down the endemic spiral staircase to follow a driver back to the wall of the medina and his car to the airport in Fez.

Favorite things about Fez: Moroccan hospitality, the textures and smells and history of it all, something so different from our "normal", the beauty of the architecture and handicrafts, the resilience of the people, the proof of God's guidance and protection for us even in a place far from and different than home.

Least favorite things about Fez: a stolen wallet and dealing with the Fez police (though they treated us well!), feeling like we were out of our comfort zone and at the mercy of others in some ways, not being able to use the water or eat fresh foods due to my immune-suppressed state, the sense of oppression and loss there, politically, culturally, and spiritually.

Fez was a magnificent adventure, and we are so glad we were able to make this trip!  But soon we were lifting off over desert olive groves and heading back across the Mediterranean to the southern coast of France.  J. met us at the airport, and we spent the evening doing laundry and telling stories, and resting up for our final days in the Cote d'Azure before heading north.

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