Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Recent projects

I recently finished off a few fun projects.  I made a little picnic quilt for a friend's wedding shower using a new no-cut technique that folds charm squares and layer cake squares (5" and 10") together, and sew seams, and presto, you have your square.  Fun and fast, and with a pleasing outcome. At least it was pleasing once I figured out how to mostly hide all my mistakes.  Word to the wise: resist the temptation to draft your own border blocks when you don;t really know what you are doing!

Em and Ada got new wardrobe additions to their felt dolls (like paper dolls but made of felt with embroidered faces, and clothing backed in felt and made of fabric) 

Carys received a couple baprons (cross between a bib and an apron), and a quirky hippo for her birthday.  Also fun to make.

Next up: twin quilt for Emma, bapron for Ezra, and a whole closet full of ideas...

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