Monday, June 22, 2015

From dread to delight

Last week I had my infusion, and the week before I had a stellar set of eye tests at UNM.  All is quiet and looks great, including the blood work.  I am grateful!

The only bad bit of news at my appointment was that my specialist, who was able to quickly diagnose me and push this disease into remission, is leaving NM for CA.  There is not another ophthalmologist with specialties in uveitis or occular immunology in the state.  Therefore, I will have to find a specialist out of state, and take on a local rheumatologist to manage my cellcept locally.  The appointment is made locally, and the search is on in Colorado and Arizona for a new specialist.

While I hate losing this doctor, I am awed that she was here when I needed her the most.  It is testimony to God's sovereign love and care for me. We are on a course of smooth sailing until next summer, when I will try to come off both remicade and cellcept over a period of time.  That is when I will really need a specialist again.  I look at how the Lord provided, and it gives me faith that He will provide again for all my needs in the future.

And I am feeling well.  I have gone from dreading my days to delighting in them.  God is amazing.  And thank you for the part you have played in this by your faithful prayers, Gentle Readers.  Words cannot adequately express my appreciation!

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