Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Ben (and one of his poems for NPM)

Today, my eldest son, Ben, turns 31.  Wow. How do such things happen?

My golden-haired boy has the heart of a poet, and since it's still National Poetry Month, I'll post a little favorite of mine by him.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.  We love you forever!

If impossibly Somehow by Ben Finnegan

If impossibly somehow
I have impressed a something
of myself upon you,
knowing or un- or even
if sometimes, then let me be
the way you see the moonlight,
let me be your blink
at the far too brightly sunshine,
or if you will allow
me to be the toss of your hair
in the gently midnight wind,
or perhaps the sweetest twitch
of your smile when you see the stars;
if ever impossibly then,
let me be your voice,
let me be your forever
melody or harmony or simply
song.  Let me be one
and so shall you, and we
shall be two and be together.

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