Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The rhythm of life

I have been contemplating the rhythm of my life for the last few days. It looks something like this: a flurry of activity to prepare for an infusion so that I can do nothing for a day or two afterwards, then a few quiet days that lead to a gradual build-up to a "normal" activity level, and then back to the flurry of activity before the next infusion.  I have an 8-week cycle going that is becoming a routine.

Except that nothing is ever routine.  My last day of "flurry" this morning started with a migraine.  If it had just waited another 24 hours, I would have been sleeping anyway. But today I have places to go and things to do. What a bother.

My plans get interrupted and over-ridden enough that it really should cease to be a surprise.  If truth be told, I think my idea of a "normal schedule" is just as illusive as the idea of "normal weather": I have some composite sense of the general  pattern, but the current time never follows the pattern in my mind, and I begin to wonder if the idea of "normal" is only some phantom figment of my imagination with no existence in ontological reality.

But before I stray too deeply into metaphysics, let me just say that I am glad for whatever pattern I can get my hands on. I am grateful for this 8-week cycle and the healing it has brought me, and the sights I continue to see with these eyes of mine.  May I see my Maker in this rhythm of life-- and may you see his mark in your pattern of days, too, Gentle Reader.

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