Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things I love to listen to

When I am working around the house, or entering receipts into quicken, or sewing, I like to listen to things.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites in the hopes that you might enjoy them, too, Gentle Reader.
  • Mars Hill Audio Journal: thoughtful cultural interviews and analysis, now available for download. This is how I shake the cobwebs out of my brain.  Or at least try to.
  • The Briefing: Albert Mohler is a brilliant guy, an avid reader, and a godly thinker. The briefing is basically his take on the most current articles in major news publications (NYTimes, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Economist, Financial Times, etc.) He is always thoughtful and helpful in thinking worldviewishly.
  • Revolutions: I first enjoyed Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcasts.  This is history with an even hand a sense of humor.  He is clever and witty (without being too snarky), and loves just what I do about history-- the amazing story and drama of it all. I am rushing to catch up on this series, and have almost finished the English civil wars and will soon pass on to the American War for Independence.
  • Spotify.  I am late coming to Spotify, and it won't be news to most people.  But I have recently discovered I can find albums by people I love, put them all together on a playlist, and shuffle them around to make the best radio station ever. They have a good selection of Christian music, classical, contemporary of various genre, etc.  It took me a while to figure some of it out, but I am enjoying it. 


Debs Francisco said...

I've been loving John Macarthur's Grace to You app on my android phone. I can listen to tons of his sermons for free while I drive to work.

MagistraCarminum said...

Wonderful, Debs! I'll have to look for that app for my android tablet...