Saturday, August 09, 2014

Recent Projects

It has been a while since I posted updates on projects, so here are a few things keeping us busy...

Below are some shots of Baby C's quilt, given to her in June.

Big E has a birthday coming up, so I thought a little sundress would be fun.

And in a few weeks we will be heading to Arizona for a long weekend, and we will all be together for a couple of days in Phoenix.  I thought it would be fun to make little matching outfits for the grand daughters (and i figure Little E won't mind being left out!)  Each outfit for the big girls has a little shirt, a simple skirt, and a kimono jacket.  Baby C has a sundress to go with her jacket.

Below, my dh sits doing the last parts of his latest project: dismantling the old sheds in the back yard.

Below, the old sheds on their way to the dump.

And the next project is turning the items in these boxes into a new shed!  He is a brave man! I will post pictures when it is all finished!

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