Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Ben!

My eldest son, Benjamin, "son of my right hand", turns 30 today.  How did those years fly by?  And what joy and delight he has brought to our lives!  Happy birthday, son!  May God continue to bless and amaze you with His love and His grace and His gifts!

Ben has always had a way with words.  I have been leafing through some of his old poetry lately, and thought I would share one in honor of his day. This was a reflection on one of Ben's early favorite composers, and is one of my favorites


The caged bird sings sweetly still.
The conquered man can keep his will
to freedom.  The poorly forced music
sounds: constrained, strongest magic;
a cry of sadly longing dissonance
that echoes in time—sorrow’s resonance.
The sickening spiral of twisted wills
forcing men to turn their skills
to proportional, institutional norms,
to numbing, pressing, leaden forms
and unloved leaders crushing art.
The shackled mind has still a heart;
the body enslaved can be at peace,
for the power of beauty brings release.

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