Thursday, April 03, 2014

An encouraging, busy week

This week has contained lots of rest, and visits, and sewing, and now preparing to head back to AZ for the arrival of our first grandson.  When we head south and west, our car will be loaded with a stack of receiving blankets for baby C., expected in Phoenix in June:

And a new quilt for the new grandson:

I also had the great pleasure of a visit from sweet baby James and his mama, and enjoyed time with a sweet friend of my children's who I now count as my own friend.  

Another dear friend, a real spiritual son of ours, Skyped with me from half a world away and we had a great chat. And I was able to send notes of encouragement to some, have lovely phone conversations with others, and answer homeschooling questions via e-mail.  And on top of it all, I spent two whole weeks in my own home-- a record for this spring!

God has gently been reminding me this week of His abundant blessings in my life, of His gracious answers to prayer, and of His continued plan to put me to work in small ways.  And I am one grateful child.

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