Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thursday thought: Juxtaposition

Have you ever had one of those moments, Gentle Reader, when you learn of someone's suffering, and realize you never thought to be thankful that God had not required you to walk that road? Or been startled from your own navel-gazing by someone who has real problems?  It is the juxtaposition of that other life with mine that shocks me back to reality. I have often found that God, in His providential goodness to me, interrupts me on my merry way to remind me of all I ought to be grateful for, and to keep me from self-pity.

Last Monday I was enjoying my parents and my sister and her family in a relaxed day of playing games and grilling.  On that same day, Allison was ending her race in this world and entering eternity.  Allison was a cyber-friend.  We were "introduced" by a friend-of-a-friend via our blogs, and we had corresponded a few times as we encouraged one another in the virtual world.  We have prayed for Allison daily for some time.

Tonight, after a full day, and with my heart prone to wander towards worry and self-pity, I wandered over to her blog for the first time in a week or so. And while her death was not unexpected, her loss felt real and raw, ad took my breath away.  And I never even met her.  But she was my sister in Christ, and an object of my prayer.  She leaves behind a loving husband and three small children, while I look forward to a third grandchild.  What a juxtaposition our lives are.  And I am less inclined to self-pity tonight because of her. God walked with her on that hard and heavy road.  Surely He can walk with me on mine.

Allison fought a valiant fight, with her family and friends supporting her.  I don't want my life to be in juxtaposition to that-- a life lived safely and timidly without trust in God.  I want to stand in solidarity with her, and the great clouds of witnesses that have gone before us and been preserved by God to the end.

Thank you, Lord, for Allison;s life and witness.  And thank you for making the juxtaposition of our lives intersect for my good and Your glory.

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