Saturday, September 07, 2013

The eyes have it

Yesterday I completed my latest eye specialist appointment at UNM in Albuquerque.  I had an OCT, an FA, and an ICG, a regular eye test, an eye exam, blood work, and several hours in waiting rooms.  The best part of the day was sitting around with my sweet husband, which always helps the day go faster. 

And the end result?  Well, the eyes have it still. We have made some progress in fighting my birdshot, but not enough.  The progress shows the drugs (cellcept and cyclosporine) have had some effect, so we now tweak the doses.  I am already at my highest dose of the cellecept.  So we will take up the cyclosporine- hopefully we will increase my 200 mgh/day dose by 25 mg a day over several weeks until I get up to 300 mg/day. 

God is good to make these drugs have an effect, and to allow me to tolerate them fairly well so far.  I appreciate your prayers in the past and the future, Gentle Readers.  I would love to push this disease into remission, remove the cataract in my right eye, and be able to see better again.  But all this is in the Lord's hands, and I am trying to leave it there and trust Him for my sight as well as my future.

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Quotidian Life said...

I'm glad there is some good news, Chris and I will continue to pray that your disease goes into remission. May his peace reign in you heart. Love and prayers, Melissa