Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: God's will, callings, and mercy

It seems we always have something to learn.  One of the first chapters of the Bible that I fell in love with as a teen was 1 Corinthians 13.  I've sung it, memorized it in multiple versions, heard sermons on it.  Recently, I have been slowly reading Phil Ryken's book, Loving the Way Jesus Loves, and I am discovering new and nuanced meaning in the familiar words. 

From where I sit each afternoon in my comfy chair, trying to relax into God's calling for me to rest, I found the following perspective challenging:

This is what love does: it lets the needs of others set our agenda, rather than letting our agenda limit how much we are willing to serve--especially when our service may give people the opportunity to hear the word of God.  Whatever limits we decide to place on our service should not be determined by our selfish desires but by the will of God, by our other legitimate callings, and by what is truly merciful for the people who are asking for help.

Ah. Now to discern God's will, and my legitimate callings. May God make us both, Gentle Reader, more cognizant of what is truly merciful to those around us.

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