Friday, August 02, 2013

Five for Friday

 Today's Five for Friday gets filed under the recently-completed-projects category.  My grand daughter, Ada, is an expressive, adorable 18-month old, whose Mom has her in cloth diapers with cute little solid-colored covers.  Many of the store-bought skirts with sewn-in panties are tight fits over that equipment, so I really enjoyed making these little elastic-waisted skirts.  Check out my Grand Kids board on Pinterest to see several tutorials.  I looked at those, used them, combined them, and invented some of my own way.  It was really easy, really fun, and, I think, successful!  My favorite is the pink and brown below, but Ada likes the kitties, and Elsa likes the black-and-white market skirt.

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lauraholland45 said...

I like the brown one, too :-)